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HOPPECKE - Your expert for industrial battery systems

HOPPECKE - Your expert for industrial battery systems

In this world where everything is going electric, HOPPECKE is your solution partner for a sustainable and technology-independent energy supply. Because our customers have the choice: whether lead-acid, nickel fibre structure (FNC®) or lithium-ion. HOPPECKE has all relevant storage technologies in its portfolio. Our comprehensive range of products, consulting and services offers solutions for your requirements and challenges in the areas of:

-Emission-free drives for industrial trucks and machines(trak)
-Secure power supply for data centres, IT and telecommunication systems(grid)
-Storage of renewable energies for off-grid and on-grid applications(sun)
-Safeguarding and propulsion of railway and metro systems(rail).

With headquarters in Brilon-Hoppecke and 22 international subsidiaries, more than 2,000 employees worldwide belong to the HOPPECKE family. Today, HOPPECKE is Europe's largest privately owned manufacturer of industrial batteries.

FEATURED PRODUCT - AGM Batteries with pure lead technology

High performance pure lead batterygrid | Xtreme VR

The innovative energy solution sets new standards in terms of performance, quality and variety. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes, high-purity materials and the consistent improvement of all components played the most important role in the design of the grid | Xtreme VR pure lead battery.

product page

Battery rack -grid | XtremeStack

To get the maximum number of grid | Xtreme VR top terminal batteries into a complete system with a minimal footprint, the stacking solution makes intelligent use of the available space. The modular approach ensures optimal maintenance, scalability and flexibility.

product page
overview pure lead battery technology - AGM batteries and battery racks

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